Have you experienced having to stand on the street corner and wave your arms to passing taxis? How about having to reserve a taxi ride an hour before by calling a local car service? These past few years, we have seen drastic changes and improvements from the transportation industry. With the use of technology, it is now very convenient for customers to get the ride they want and need by using an app on their smartphones. Aside from convenience, what advantages do these e-hailing services have?

For Customers
The times of having to chase a taxi down the street are over. Instead, all you have to do is open the app, input your location, choose your destination and book the ride. Once accepted, it will be the driver’s responsibility to pick you up at the designated location. You can even see where the driver is while you wait! Another advantage of using e-hailing services is that you can use the credit card linked to your account to make an electronic payment. Once you arrive at your destination, you can immediately walk out of the car. No more hassle! This is extremely helpful if you are in a hurry.

For Drivers
Not only are these e-hailing apps beneficial to customers, they are also advantageous to the drivers. For one, safety is the priority in these e-hailing applications. Since transactions are cash-less, the driver doesn’t have to worry about customers not paying the fare.

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