Moving to a new city for university brings with it a wave of emotions. You’re excited for this new stage in your life, but also terrified at being out in the world. It’s important to make the most of your time there, it’ll go by quickly, so here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Make the most of your independence

You’ve finally moved away from mum and dad, it might have been daunting at first, but your new-found independence feels pretty great. The biggest mistake you could make now is to ignore all the events taking place. These have been organised to introduce you to university life, and help you meet some likeminded peopled. This is also a great time to perfect your cooking skills, because let’s face it, no one can live on beans on toast.

Get to class on time

Your first year is an exciting time, new people to meet, events to go to, societies to join, but don’t let your lectures fall to the wayside! Your studies are still important in first year, so make sure you go to as many of your lectures as possible, they could really help you out in your later years. Running late? Lecture on the other side of town? Buses and public transport aren’t always reliable, but a trusted taxi service will be.

Above all else, don’t take any chances with your safety.

Night’s out with your friends are always a good laugh, so to end your evening on a high make sure you get home safely. Use a trusted taxi service to save those pennies, we can’t guarantee you’ll be feeling fresh and ready for your 9am the next day, but we can guarantee we’ll get you home safely.

We may not be able to help with your assignments, but CALLCARS Bristol is here to help you navigate through your new city, and we’ll be here for you throughout your time at university. For more information about our student services, contact the team on 01179 555545.