Traffic is not just a nuisance to drivers, but it is also a public hazard and bad news for the economy. Studies show that the annual cost of traffic is estimated to be around £120 billion. This includes 7 billion lost hours sitting in traffic and an extra 11 billion litres of fuel consumed. The concept of carpooling has been around for decades. However, it is just recently, with the improvement of technology and the introduction of smartphones, that companies like CALLCARS are able to make ride-sharing a cheaper and more convenient solution. So, how can Ride Sharing be used as a tool to improve traffic and save money?

1. Reduces the number of vehicle

To improve traffic, it is recommended that people use ride-sharing apps as this can significantly reduce the number of vehicles on the road without affecting the travel time. This means that you can still get to your destination on time. By reducing the number of vehicles on the road, traffic is likely to be reduced as more people can travel in a single car instead of the normal 1 person, 1 car ratio.

2. Lowers the fuel consumption

Ride-sharing helps reduce traffic which also results in lower fuel consumption. Additionally, when you book through a ride-sharing app, you share the fuel consumption with another person. Compared to driving your own car, getting stuck in traffic and as a result wasting fuel, carpooling is less taxing and cost-effective.

3. Helps Minimise Pollution

By consuming less fuel, ride-sharing does not only save money, but also helps in preserving the environment by minimising the amount of chemicals released into the atmosphere.

Apart from the convenience it brings, these are just a few ways ridesharing helps the economy and the environment.

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