Thousands of people in Bristol hail taxis every single day, some of us don’t really think about it, we simply jump right in and get to our destination. But there’s a lot more to being a taxi driver in Bristol, and here at CallCars we’re going to tell you all!

There are many different responsibilities involved with becoming a taxi driver, and also a few legal obligations that everyone must follow. To help our customers and passengers understand a little more of what it all entails, we’ve written this handy guide – so read on below to find out more!


Not just anyone can be a taxi driver straight away. Initially, before any driver is eligible to drive a taxi they must have been driving for at least one year. There is an exception however, for example if a driver holds a valid license and is over 18, they can then apply to local authorities for an exemption to become a taxi driver or at least start the process.

There are numerous checks that all drivers must go through before they obtain a license, some of these include medical checks, a DVLA driving test mandate, and a knowledge test too. It also costs money to obtains a license, and become a badge-holder. Who pays for the badge depends entirely on if the driver is self-employed, or works for a company. In each company the license fee rules may differ, so it’s always best to check with the company if you are applying for a job.

Different councils provide different tests, for example the knowledge tests in Bristol may differ hugely from tests taken in Devon for example. Very often, councils in England will run consultations every few years to obtain feedback from customers and local businesses which is used to shape future regulations set by local authorities.

Responsibilities in the community

In addition to legal obligations, taxi drivers also have a huge responsibility within the community. They must drive with due care and attention at all times and obey the highway code. Speeding restrictions must be adhered to at all times, and drivers must provide an excellent level of customer service to all passengers.

Accessible vehicles for all

Here at CallCars Bristol, we offer a friendly, reliable and professional taxi service. We never discriminate, and treat our disabled passengers with the same respect and care that we treat all our customers with. Our customers are at the heart of our service and we try to assist in any way we can, whether that’s carrying shopping bags, lifting heavy luggage or anything else we can help with. We treat every individual with respect and each of our drivers are fully trained in assisting with wheelchair users when entering and departing the vehicle. We offer a large fleet of vehicles at CallCars, ready for private hire in the Bristol area. We also cover nearby Portishead, Bath and airport transfers, no job is too big or too small just call our friendly team today on 0117 955 5545.