If you have been browsing through our blog posts, then you already knew that we have been writing about the spectacular city of Bristol for the fourth time now. Well, why not? There’s just so many things to say about this magnificent place and so many spots to wander around. Whether you’re travelling alone, having a romantic getaway with your partner or a vacation with family or friends, Bristol will surely wear your heart out with the goodness it has to offer.

Should you finally give in to your inner wanderer’s desire, here are a few more spots you ought not to forget when travelling around Bristol:

Explore Clifton Village

Clifton deserves at least half of your day for you to admire and experience not only the iconic bridge but as well as the Victorian suburb including the Camera Obscura, Cave, and Observatory.

Take a walk in Ashton Court

Ashton Court once belonged to a wealthy family living in Bristol. Take your time enjoying the countryside surrounding Bristol and getting a taste of noble life in this home whilst seeing some deer scampering amongst the ancient oak trees.

Visit Bristol Cathedral

Located in the centre of College Green, in Bristol’s West End, Bristol Cathedral was built in 1140 and stands as one of the best examples of British hall churches and the development of British and European cathedral architecture. They offer guided walking tours that occur every Saturday and is free to visit and open every day of the year.

Entertain your taste buds with cider tasting at the Bristol Cider Shop

Bristol is known for artisan or craft ciders and home of the Bristol Cider Shop which offers a hundred variety of local ciders and hosts regular tastings for anyone interested.

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