Many countries have been using ride-hailing technology to ease public transport. At present the ride-hailing industry is valued to be £25B due to the number of users that it has worldwide. By 2030, this industry is estimated to increase to up to £198B which proves that its growth and influence is not slowing down. New services are being introduced to the market such as delivery ride shares, helicopter ride shares and ride shares for kids. These innovations are what makes ride-hailing an industry for the future

With all these, what does the future hold for ride-hailing apps?

1. It won’t go away soon

One thing is for sure, ride-hailing will remain for many years to come. Regulations may be imposed but it’s convenience and efficiency is now embedded in people’s lifestyle that it’s impossible to assume that the industry will go in decline. Ride-hailing apps will evolve to answer people’s needs in the future.

2. Increased safety for riders

According to a study, 86% of users stated that they feel safer and less stressed when using a ride-hailing app. Numerous studies also link ride-hailing apps to reducing drink driving accidents.

3. Economic Impact of Ride-Hailing will Increase

Ride-hailing apps may impact our personal lives and our professional careers. The fluctuating prices that ride-hailing companies charge might influence public choice when choosing transportation. CALLCARS is the professional and economic choice for every journey you require.

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